No matter where you find yourself on your homeschool journey, I’d like to help make it better!

“Deven is kind, warm, loving, and knowledgeable. She takes time with you and truly has your best interests at heart. She is an engaging speaker and a wonderful and compassionate listener. I highly recommend booking her for speaking engagements or as a consultant. You will be glad you did.”

Jennifer Smith

“Deven has been more then helpful to myself and my family. I doubted myself and being able to homeschool multiple children and she has always been so helpful and encouraging. If it weren’t for her I wouldn’t have felt the courage to pull my children from public school and begin to homeschool and it has been the absolute best decision I’ve ever made for my family! So grateful to her for her kind heart!”

Andrae W.

Hi! I’m Deven! A homeschool mom of 5 with 17 years of homeschooling experience & over 10 years of consulting.

After graduating from the University of South Alabama, I found myself with the plan to homeschool my two small children for their preschool years.

As kindergarten approached, I found that I loved homeschooling. I didn’t want to stop. So, we jumped in and never looked back.

No matter why you are here in this journey, I want to help you jump in. Distance Learning, Public School at Home or Traditional Homeschooling – Let’s find a way to make it better.

Working with me means…


It’s my desire that you & your family thrives in your environment. You are all important components.


When we work together, you not only have my expertise behind you but my network of peers – fellow consultants. We are committed to your success.


17 years of homeschooling experience & 10 years of consulting experience.


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