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Work With Deven!

With over 10 years of homeschooling consulting experience, Deven brings passion & expertise combined with experience.

As my client, I will help you…

#1: Define & clarify what we need to work on.

#2: Set obtainable goals

#3: Break those goals into manageable steps.

#4: Work with you on each step for the way.

“Deven is an excellent resource. She has helped so many begin their homeschool journey and she has always been a support for me!!”

Kristi Lanford, LICSW

“Deven is a Godly woman who truly has the best interest of the homeschool community in her heart and mind. She is a wonderful speaker who will go out of her way to answer any questions you may have. She is such an awesome asset to the homeschooling community, and am so blessed to have her in my families lives. PHE is a great resource, and I can’t wait to see what she will come up with next.”

Cynthia T.

To decide if homeschool consulting or coaching is right for you, I invite you to schedule a free initial consultation with me.

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